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Emma Watson Shares Sweet 'Beauty and The Beast' Behind-the-Scenes Moment

Emma Watson shares a sweet behind the scenes moment - in the FAMOUS yellow dress - as beauty and the beast opens up worldwide. So the live-action Disney remake of beauty and the beast opens up today, and no one is more excited than ME! Ok, yes I’m thrilled and actually stayed up WAYYY too late last night to see it at midnight. But honestly, my excitement is nothing compared to Emma’s happiness and she posted the perfect photo to prove it. There she is, in that iconic yellow dress giving us Disney fans all the feels as she twirls on set. We can see a green screen, lights and some of the crew in the background but clearly, Emma is not distracted one bit by the commotion. She’s in the DRESS for goodness sake. What girl WOULDNT give that thing a twirl. In the caption the actress said this. Beauty and the Beast opens today. I hope you have as much fun watching is as I did making it. Love Emma. Yes, yes Emma I did. The movie is for real great but I’m not going to give away spoilers. I’

Source: Hollyscoop

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